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About Us

We are a group of Tanzanians living in South Korea and want to share the beauty of technology and durable products from South Korea while creating job opportunities for young people.

Most of us, have been in Korea for over 7 years and we are quite familiar with the culture, Language, and Products available here. 

We know where to source, how to source, and when to source. We know where to get products for a reasonable price. In addition, we know how to negotiate in Korean. 

During our stay in Korea, we have made reliable business partners who assist us always. 

Our goal is to help Tanzanians save repair and rebuy money by purchasing quality products that last longer.

The E-commerce platform is facilitated by Solunala Business Consulting & Digital Solutions

Join our online Family

Join our Online family (KoTan Family) to learn more about Korean products, tips to trade with Koreans, and hear what our valued customers say about us. We can't wait to chat with you and answer all your questions about Korea and Korean products!

Happy Girl Texting

What our customers say about us 


Happy Biya, Mwanza

Really you guys are amazing. Nimepokea simu yangu leo. Asante kwa uaminifu.

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